St. Bernard's SCRIP Program

St. Bernard's Catholic School runs a year-round SCRIP program to help raise money for the school. SCRIP has been a part of the fundraising program at St. Bernard's School since 1993. Our SCRIP profit has grown from $2,000 a year to about $60,000 a year. SCRIP consists of gift cards/certificates sold through the school office for local businesses. St. Bernard's is able to buy these cards at a discount and sell them at face-value, earning profit for the school. When families purchase SCRIP from the office, a percentage of the purchase price is credited to the families' profit obligation for the school year.

How SCRIP Works

Families can buy SCRIP directly from the school office using a SCRIP order form. The Scrip order form lists the business name and percentage next to each vendor listed. That percentage represents the profit a family and St. Bernard's School makes when a family purchases scrip from that merchant.

For Example: When a family purchases $100 in Save Mart the school will receive $2.00 in profit. This may not seem like much, but over a year's time it adds up quickly:

$2.00 X 52 weeks = $104.00 profit yearly

Let's assume that an average family spends $400 a month on groceries, $50 on dinner out and $100 at Walmart. If that family used SCRIP for these purchases, their SCRIP profit for the year would look like this:

Store % Profit
Save Mart 2 $104.00
Olive Garden 8 $ 48.00
Walmart 3 $ 36.00
Total $188.00

Families receive a quarterly statement showing the total amount of profit they have earned through SCRIP and fundraising.

SCRIP is available at the St. Bernard School office.  Just drop by anytime during school hours to make a purchase.  Take a look at the Scrip Vendor list/Order Form to see what's available. Then print out the form, select your items, and submit it to the school office with payment.

For Credit Card payments, please fill out the form and email to  To pay by cash or check, please fill out the form and print it. Then send in the order form and payment with your child.  We will send your SCRIP home on the same day with whomever you designate on the form.

Please contact the school office at 209-835-8018 or with any questions.

e-SCRIP/Raley's/Savemart S.H.A.R.E Cards

St. Bernard's also participates in e-SCRIP. Families may enroll in e-SCRIP with Safeway club cards, designated credit cards and/or ATM cards. Merchants participating in the e-SCRIP program, such as Safeway, then credit the school a percentage of the purchase when these cards are used. The school receives a statement from e-SCRIP and enters these amounts into our records. Keep in mind that eScrip charges a monthly service fee of 15% on all profit earned. This means that the money earned when using eScrip will be reduced by 15% when calculating profit for school obligations

Raley's and Savemart also have their own programs that we particpate in and get monthly statements from. Please take advantage of the programs offered by the stores you shop.

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